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Four Stroke Outboard Water Pump Kits
Two Stroke Outboard Water Pump Kits

From the smallest 2HP Four Stroke to the powerful Verado 350 and all the Mercury Two-Strokes in between, we have the correct Kit for your application.

Please review your Outboard Service Manual before servicing your Water Pump.
Many four stroke's require that you drain your motor oil BEFORE dropping off your lowerunit.
We advise that you have new oil and oil filter(s) ready if applicable.

Most problems occur during reassembly of the lowerunit to the motor because the shift shafts were not properly positioned or aligned.
Twin engine applications often differ from Port to Starboard in the way the shift shaft rotates so use extreme care to keep the Port lowerunit on the Port side and the Starboard lowerunit on the Starboard side.
NEVER mix up your lowerunit rotation or extreme damage will occur to the gears.

Safety First!

Gearhousing Assemblies can be very heavy. It is very easy to injure yourself or others.
Once unbolted, the unit may drop off and cause injury. Try to have the unit supported as so it does not drop off.
We recommend disconnecting the boats batteries before servicing the engines.
The prop should be removed before removing the lowerunit.
Please read the Owners Manual and the Service Manual safety warnings before beginning the service.

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Four Stroke Outboard Water Pump Kits
Two Stroke Outboard Water Pump Kits